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Villa Feltrinelli | Rigo Frame | Opal 10L

Gargnano, Italy

Folio Rigo Frame
Folio Opal 10L

Architect: Studio Associato Mongiello
Photographer: D. Conacchini

Villa Feltrinelli located on the shores of Lake of Garda is a monument and artistic Italian asset with historical importance. It was reclaimed after careful restoration which renewed its original splendour from the end of the XX century, turning the exclusive residence into a tourist accommodation with a starred restaurant. The Neo-gothic character of the suites and the common areas, expertly preserved, gives way to modernity and to functional minimalism for the technical spaces dedicated to the kitchens of the Villa. The Folio solutions, in accordance to lighting standards, mounted on the ceilings of the kitchens, guarantee high visibility, high color rendering
and optimum illuminance value. The choice of installations suitable for precision sustains any safety and comfort needs required. The general Folio Opal 10L and Folio Rigo Frame diffused illumination, surrounds the workstations without glare ensuring chromatic uniformity. Folio’s geometric lines, ease for maintenance and upkeep are suitable for any ambiance. The panels are subject to the strict hygienic-sanitary standards for areas utilised for food service and preparation.