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Versace Ginza Boutique | Folio Marble

Tokyo, Japan

Folio Base 1 + Viti
Folio Marble

Lighting Designer: Barbara Balestrieri Lighting Design

The Versace Ginza, located in Tokyo, confirms the brand’s luxurious atmosphere extending to the boutique exterior. A luminous mosaic covering the walls, is composed of multiple custom-made Folio Base 1 + Viti. The application of high-quality natural onyx slabs on the Folio Base 1 + Viti lighting components highlight their veins and shades, thanks to the high color rendering index of the Nichia LEDs (Ra> 90 and R9> 50). 
The reduced thickness of the Folio lighting modules does not compromise the stability of the product. The thin walls created have greater versatility in interior spaces.