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Supermercado Sanchez Romero | Zero 80

Madrid, Spain

Folio Zero 80

The new experience of shop and gourmetsupermarket, in the Salamanca quarter in Madrid, is offered by the Sanchez Romero franchise. The store offers an innovative shop experience that integrates the quality of a small shop with the typical identity of a superstore. The huge variety of fruits and vegetables exposed with order and elegance is dominated by the big clear backlighted sky through the Folio Tunable White technogy. The color variation, that can be activated with a remote controller, creates, through Folio Zero 80, unique atmospheres, always different and based on the daylight. The ceiling installation of the aluminum frame allows to cover a huge surface, emitting a soft light diffused in homogeneous way thanks to the tensioned fabric. Printed in high resolution four-color printing.