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Moncler Le Marais Boutique | Opal 3L | Opal 10L

Paris, France

Folio Opal 3L  
Folio Opal 10L

Architect: Gilles & Boi ssier

The specialty brand known for luxury down products, opened the first boutique dedicated entirely to the Men’s collections. Moncler utilises noble materials for the shop, such as travertine and polished eucalyptus wood. Together with the Folio Opal 3L and Folio Opal 10L installations, it creates continuity between the interior and exterior of the store. The furnishing details reflect the style of the high mountains, creating a welcoming atmosphere thanks to the presence of diffused light from the backlit Folio surfaces. The Folio solutions, with the opal diffuser of 3mm and of 10mm, alternate and blend in and replace shelves and displays. The bright Folio surfaces become an integral part of the store’s aesthetics with the aim to enhance and highlight the items offered to the customers.