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Fendi Boutique | Giro Ceiling

Montecarlo, Principality of Monaco

Fendi Boutique | Giro Ceiling

Folio Giro Ceiling

Lighting Designer: MLDLAB Lighting Design
Architect: Dimore Studio

The Place Du Casino boutique shows the elegance of the Fendi brand through a meticulous cure for details and finishings. Precious materials like marble, reflective like steel and noble like brass are exalted and embellished by the di Folio Giro Ceiling recessed. The geometric game created by grid organizes the Folio Giro Ceiling bodies that are mirrored on the glossy floor, diffusing a soft light and higlighting the luxurious particulars. The elegance and minimalism of Folio interact with the sofisticated finishings of the oriental scenario making a unique atmposphere, warm and cosy. The Folio solutions are suitable for all the projectual needs making custom shapes and dimensions based on the boutique’s architecture. Always keeping the luminous homogeneity in all the elements.