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Dior Boutique | Opal 10V

Tokyo, Japan

Folio Opal 10V

Architect:Peter Marino Architect
Lighting Designer: Metis Lighting Design

The Folio Opal 10L backlit vertical walls of the Dior boutique in Tokyo, create a visual environment and communicate the architectural features of the building. The general illumination, direct and indirect, complement the perception of the area, involving all the surfaces in a luminous way which flows toward the mirrored ceiling. The softness of the light covered by the fabric is enhanced, creating a bright atmosphere while muted and without shadows. The diffused lighting is both functional and decorative, and the products float in a surreal space covered by naturalistic graphics. The various sized Folio lighting structures are calibrated in order to offset differences between the diverse elements and obtain the same luminous intensity throughout the store.