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Dior Boutique | Clear 3

Munich, Germany

Folio Clear 3

Architect: Peter Marino
Lighting Designer: Metis Lighting Design

The timeless elegance of Dior’s clothes, shoes and leather goods is reflected in the finishes and furnishings of its boutiques. The lighting design create clean and essential lines to enhance the objects and items on display. The versatility of Folio products fits discreetly into the architectural elements which testify a clever configuration of space. Folio Clear 3 is light and versatile, thanks to the reduced thickness provided by the opal diffuser of only 3 millimetres. It contributes to the backlighting of large surfaces, such as the upper windows of the boutique facade. The optical effect given by the thin curtain placed near the lighting structure conceals the Folio solution with real windows, making it almost invisible.