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Folio Zero Zero 55 + Folio

Zero 55 + Folio® belongs to the Folio® Zero family and is characterized by a thickness of 55 millimeters and a white diffuser fabric.
The Zero + Folio® lighting system is custom made and it is possible to customize its size, shape and graphics, as well as make special processing on it, such as through holes with round or square section.
The product is composed of the Zero aluminum frame, which can be shaped to obtain rounded corners or create three-dimensional installations, inside which the Folio® Base 1 panel is placed with a transparent methacrylate plate (“source”) laser processed following the engraving algorithm customized Folio® which allows to obtain a 97% guaranteed light homogeneity. Thanks to the PVC gasket sewn on the perimeter, the flexible fabric, also available with acoustic properties, is tensioned on the aluminum profile, diffusing the light in a natural and homogeneous way, covering large surfaces without visible joints.
The Zero 55 + Folio® system can be installed suspended or on the ceiling (also available with wall fixing), covering surfaces up to 3000 x 10000 millimeters.
In addition to the finishes of the diffuser and the aluminum frame, there are also customizable elements of the product like CCT, consumption, luminous flux, IP rating and position of the LED circuit (on a single side or on multiple sides).
Nichia LEDs used for Folio® products are highly energy efficient (over 100 lumen/ watt) and guarantee a minimum CRI of 90 and a minimum R9 of 50. The light panel is dimmable 0-10V, 1-10V, DALI, DMX, Bluetooth and PUSH.
The diffused light of Zero 55 + Folio® can be implemented with lighting accessories such as indirect light or Folio Spot.Mate® components for point light.

Mounting and size
  • Wall

    Wall max size

    10000 × 3000 mm | 393.70 × 118.11 in
  • Suspended

    Suspended max size

    3000 × 2000 mm | 118.11 × 78.74 in
  • Ceiling

    Ceiling max size

    3000 × 2000 mm | 118.11 × 78.74 in
  • LED input
    24V DC

    Static CCT
    Consumption: 22 W/m
    Input luminous flux: 2000 lm
    Output luminous flux: White Fabric < 45% than the luminous flux input

    0-10V/ 1-10V/ DALI/ DMX/ Bluetooth/ PUSH

    55 mm | 2.17 in

    16 kg/m² | 3.3 lbs/ft²

    Environment of use
    On request: Damp location (UL Listed)

    IP rating
    On request: IP54

  • Materials
    Aluminum, Methacrylate, Stretch Fabric, LED

    Aluminum finishes
    Ox silver/ white/ black
    On request: RAL/ NCS/ Pantone

    Diffuser finishes
    White stretch fabric/ printed stretch fabric
    On request: white acoustic stretch fabric/ printed acoustic stretch fabric

  • LED type
    Nichia 757 (CRI: Ra min 90 – R9 min 50)
    On request: Nichia Optisolis™ (CRI: Ra = 100, full spectrum)/ Nichia Vitasolis™ (spectrum for human activity)

    LED lifespan
    L90 > 60.000 hours at 50° Celsius

    Blue light risk group (200mm)

    2700K/ 3000K/ 3500K/ 4000K/ 5700K/ Tunable White/ RGB/ RGBW/ RGBTW
    On request: 2000K/ 2200K/ 2500K/ 5000K/ 6500K/ custom TW

    3 Step

Available processes

Zero curved

Zero drilled circular

Zero drilled square

Zero shaped

Available certifications
Lighting accessories