Diffused and point light combine within Spot.Mate patented system

Folio presents the new Spot.Mate collection, an essential option to emphasize the luminous homogeneity of Folio solutions.

The Folio Spot.Mate collection exemplifies sophistication through simplicity favoring performance over form to deliver total lighting solutions across a myriad of applications. The integrated linear and adjustable spots feature a wide variety of optics, providing versatile and essential performance componenti that seamlessly combines within our surface and suspended luminaries. The integration of one or more elements of the Spot.Mate family within the Folio lighting body makes the patented system complete and performing in all its applications.

The different finishes of the aluminum bodies allow you to customize the Spot.Mate elements with the colors that best suit the different environments. The precious Spot.Mate inserts enrich the light and uniform surfaces illuminated by Folio LED technology, combining design, form and function to amaze and excite.

Discover and download Folio Spot.Mate 2020 catalog