FOLIO presents LIGHT TALK - Tech

On 6th November 2019 APIL organizes an evening of confrontation dedicated entirely to solid-state lighting and the latest innovations it can offer in terms of new emission spectra, light quality and related applications.

The light talk is a format of "mini-conferences" of a couple of hours, with free participation, which take place either in the late afternoon and during which salient topics of the moment concerning lighting are debated.
The event will start at around 17.00 at our headquarters in Foro Buonaparte 65 in Milan - Sala Armellini. Organized thanks to the support of: Nichia, Formula Luci Italia and Folio.
Partecipation at the event is free. Subject to registration.
The event is organized in collaboration with Nichia, a leading Japanese manufacturer of LED components, which will present a specific focus on proprietary technologies.
• Optisolis, characterized by a full spectrum spectral emission with a near 100 CRI
• Vitasolis, which meets the needs of HCL Human Centric Lighting, with features designed for proper lighting in the workplace.